Why Emily?

     A court’s mission is to resolve the disputes brought before it.  Not only must a court be current in the law, the judge must set a respectful tone to enable all parties to equally present their facts and be meaningfully heard. Only then can a judge fairly apply the law and render a sound, well-reasoned decision.  
     “I bring judicial experience to my candidacy.  For forty-seven times, I have had the experience of presiding in a Monroe County courtroom, affording the parties an opportunity to present their cases, applying the law and making legally sound decisions. Four different courts have appointed me to serve as a judge pro tempore when the regular judge was unavailable.  I have repeatedly demonstrated a respectful judicial temperament and made impartial decisions.”

      “I also bring a history of diverse cultural experience to my candidacy.  My parents enrolled me in a Spanish Language Immersion School starting in kindergarten. My classmates and I were taught and spoke only Spanish. At this young age and continuing through graduation, I understood and appreciated other communities as if my own.  Because I am fluent in Spanish, interning at an immigration law firm allowed me to help non-citizens with immigration concerns in their own language.  I am committed to bring these values of inclusion and diversity to Monroe Circuit Court, Seat 7.”



Campaign Committee

Katharine Liell

Regina Moore

Jillian Kinzie

Tina Skirvin

Amelia Lahn

Jack McNeil

Teresa Harper

Kristina Simmonds

Samantha King

Matthew Caldie

Linda Grove-Paul

Campaign Supporters

Betsy Greene

Cathi Crabtree

Alessia Modjarrad

Philippa Guthrie

Seth Lahn

Ting-An-Xu Liu

Mathew Lewis

Susan Nelson

Jana and Brice Teter

Tiffany Coleman

Donna and Phil Stevens

Jason Simmonds

Kristin Garner

Michael McNeil