Why Emily?

     “A court’s mission is not just to hold a party accountable for their actions, but also to provide access to the services, resources, and guidance needed to move forward once they leave the courtroom. For many, the court represents their only option for resolving a dispute. A judge, to effectively represent that court, must be both impartial and compassionate to ensure that all parties are heard and treated with respect.

     As an attorney in Monroe County, I’ve represented hundreds of clients in a variety of civil and criminal cases, many of whom struggled with additional challenges: housing instability, socio-economic status, substance use disorders, mental health needs, as well as language barriers. It was imperative to help these clients overcome the courtroom’s intimidating nature and ensure they were given the opportunity to voice their concerns.


     While serving as judge pro tempore, I was even more aware that the application of the law is most effective when individuals are given structure and guidance, as well as accountability. There is a great need to improve access to courts, use evidence-based practices when addressing mental health and substance use, and find programs that meaningfully remedy the issues.  A courtroom can be a place of strong emotions and turbulent exchanges, where a patient and decisive judicial temperament is essential to reach an equitable result.  Serving as judge pro tempore on forty different occasions instilled in me not just the weight of being an adjudicator, but also the effectiveness of compassion and accountability when implemented together.

     If elected to the Monroe County Circuit Court, I will serve with these values in mind and ensure that citizens and attorneys on both sides of the courtroom are fully heard and treated with kindness and respect.”


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