About Emily

     Emily grew up in Indianapolis where her parents had the foresight to enroll her in a groundbreaking K-12 Spanish immersion program at a local public school. Growing and learning alongside children from widely diverse cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds provided a humbling experience. She graduated from Lawrence North High School fluent in Spanish and with a desire to help others.  After relocating to Bloomington for her undergraduate studies, Emily achieved a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University with a triple major in Psychology, Criminal Justice and Spanish. Emily’s fluency in Spanish combined with both her background in criminal justice and desire to help others led her to the field of immigration law. Emily already considered Monroe County her home and only applied to one law school, the IU Maurer School of Law.  In 2013 Emily married her husband Carl Salzmann Jr., a Bloomington native who further solidified her love for the community. Throughout law school, Emily sought to get as much experience as possible: serving as a judicial clerk in nearby Morgan County, working as a legal intern at an immigration law firm in Indianapolis, and as a certified legal intern at a local criminal defense firm. Emily graduated with her J.D. from the Maurer School of Law in 2015.

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     Since graduating from law school, Emily became a partner at Salzmann Law LLC and is responsible for both civil and criminal Monroe county cases.  Emily is the managing partner responsible for overseeing staff, implementing a budget and managing the logistics of a profitable business. 

     Emily has served as judge pro tempore (where a local attorney sits in for a judge who is unavailable) forty times since 2016. Through these experiences, Emily saw firsthand that the fear and anxiety of litigants can be lessened by a fair, even-tempered and respectful judge who will give all the opportunity to have their claims and defenses heard.

     Emily has experience as a leader in the legal community.  Emily was elected to serve as President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Monroe County Bar Association.  As an elected officer, Emily worked to further the bar association’s mission to provide educational and professional services to the local bar and also to promote access to justice for the larger community.  To give back to the Maurer School of Law and its students, Emily has judged the annual Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition to help train upper-level law students in oral advocacy.  She has also welcomed numerous interns to her law practice to learn essential skills even before they graduate. 


     Emily’s passion for community leadership reaches beyond the legal world. Having grown up with a love for soccer, Emily now serves on the Board of Directors for Cutters Soccer. Emily sees soccer as a valuable way for Monroe County youth from different backgrounds to grow and learn together while working as a team towards a common goal. Furthermore, Emily has been volunteering in the Hispanic community throughout her life. From providing interpretation services at a local Hispanic community center as a child to serving as President of the Pro Bono Immigration Project. These lifelong experiences have been integral to Emily’s ability to appreciate backgrounds and perspectives different from her own.

     Emily has made Monroe County her home for the past fifteen years.  She and her husband are raising their children here and she plans to continue being part of this community while serving as your judge for Seat 7 of the Monroe Circuit Court.